How to be a Better Blogger

These are take-away notes from a blog conference I attended a while back. No, not Blissdom, Blogalicious! Yes, it's office-cleaning week and I'm digging up all sort of old notes!

I don't have a source for these notes, but here goes: how to build a better blog in four easy steps:
  1. Show Up You don't have to write every day, but show up consistently. Three times a week is a reasonable goal.
  2. Add Value There's no point in writing everyday if you're so pressed for material that you wind up posting your grocery list, cut back on your posting schedule.
  3. Engage Users Ask questions, foster dialog instead of merely broadcasting your thoughts.
  4. Add Functionality Make it easy for people to share your posts, dig through your archives and whatnot.Check Spelling
What are your simple blogging tips?

(Yes, Blogalicious is billed as a conference for women of color, but it's open to anyone who enjoys learning from a diverse group of women. It was a fabulous conference in 09!)
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