Dear Jon

Dear Jon,

I have to admit I've held an odd fascination with Stephen Colbert ever since my husband introduced me to Strangers with Candy, that bizarre and twisted take on after school TV specials. And Colbert's ironic take on conservative politics held my attention, but during the 2008 election, you became my true late night love (well, after Google, Twitter and, of course, my husband).

In 2008, I finally understood all the great things I'd heard about you and your show. You don't merely offer a snarky take on the political news of the day, you offer a smart one.

I am continually amazed by your interviews. You seem knowledgeable, well prepared and though you typically provide a few laughs during the process, you often ask deep, probing questions that yield thoughtful responses. Good stuff; it's more than I expect from late night TV.



My friend Amy from SelfishMom asked her blog friends to join her on a "Dear Jon" Valentine's letter round-up, knowing that many of her momblogger friends go to bed with Jon each night.
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