Marketing to Moms Who Blog: In Defense of Twitter Parties

Twitter parties can be fun and interesting or artificial and annoying depending on how the party is staged. Tonight there's a party for #Steaz that will be interesting and fun. Of course, it will be, it's for my client!

The party, run by Amy, AKA @ResourcefulMom is not about the #fakegush, nor is it all about the product. I mean, certainly you'll learn a bit about Steaz's tasty organic, fair trade iced teas (now available at Target Stores nationwide and always available at Whole Foods) and have a chance to win Steaz drinks and Target gift cards, but much of discussion will focus on green living with fab mamas Jennifer Taggart (@theSmartMama) and Sommer Poquette (@greenmom). Full details at Amy's blog.

Twitter parties can be useful to brands because they create opportunities to connect with and listen to a relatively large amount of people in the social space in a short period of time, especially when the parties are hosted by an established provider. Long-time providers, party planners like Amy (sitewarming parties) and Jyl (#GNO), charge for their services, but they can bring in a crowd as well as expertise that most bloggers cannot.

For more details on why Twitter Parties Don't Suck, check out Stefania Pomponi Butler's explanation on the Clever Girls Collective blog. She provides a great overview as to why brands might pursue a party as well as tips as to how those who find them annoying can tune out for a wee bit without ruining their Twitter time.
Oh, and get a peek at Steaz Zero and a free coupon for it over at my food blog, Scrambled CAKE. Well, I've actually only got an empty bottle because one of my boys drank it up lickety-split.

See you tonight at 8 PM CST on Twitter.
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