Video on the Go with the Droid Bionic

I'm still playing with some cool tech gadgets thanks to Verizon Wireless and Motorola. My beloved Xoom tablet died a sudden death shortly after I received it back from the 4G upgrade (coincidence?). I hope to be back next month with some answers and a new tablet. The reason I mention it is because not having my Xoom forces me to explore the Droid Bionic smart phone a bit more.

I know, smart phones are so, what? 2008? And yet, I haven't embraced one. I'm practically glued to my computer at home, so I find some freedom heading out into the world with limited access to my blogs, email, Twitter and other online distractions.

That said, DH and I were out shopping the other day and I wished I had brought my Bionic along. I would've been able to check consumer reviews in real time and ensure we were getting our purchases at the best prices. But alas, we were shopping old skool.

I did bring my Bionic along when I took a group of kids to a new trampoline space in town. It was easy to grab some video. Photos were more challenging given that the kids were constantly on the move. I'll be honest, they didn't come out great. I think the Bionic does a fine job with still shots, though.

And when I wasn't being asked commanded to watch record this child's dive or that one's flip, I *might* have sneaked a peak at my email. Or Twitter.

Check out the video, which was produced in Windows Live Movie Maker, which is not what I typically use for editing. For simplicity's sake, I used the "automovie" feature which automatically adds transitions and such. I'm not impressed.

But I am impressed with Sky High Sports, the trampoline place. In fact, I'm giving away two free passes to Sky High over at Reluctant Renovator.

Disclosure: As part of Verizon's Midwest Moms program I have received a Droid Bionic smart phone and a Motorola Xoom tablet along with a full data plan for each device in exchange for sharing how I am using these devices in my daily life.
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