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We're cleaning out the reno house because we are hours days away from demolition. Well, in theory. We're waiting for final permit approval and the village clerk I spoke with assured me that even when the signed papers hit her desk, they may have to sit there for a day or two as she attends to other aspects of her job.

Uh huh.

So this is the latest glimpse of MomImpact's world HQ, artfully arranged.

That's my Motorola Xoom on the lower left side. You might recall that I'm part of the #MidwestMoms program from Verizon Wireless. They gave me the Xoom along with six months of a Verizon data plan.

I can create a wifi hotspot with the Xoom and it's been a lifesaver because our house is not yet wired for Internet. With just a couple of touches to the screen I've got my wifi, which means no more time wasted twiddling my thumbs and I wait for workmen. Now, I can waste my time on Twitter.

Seriously though, it's been fabulous to set up shop at the house and be able to write, blog, Tweet and email from my Xoom or the laptop of my choice. (Typically, the Lenovo up top the ladder. I mostly use my old Dell for making movies. Speaking of which, don't miss this one.)

Also, my husband has this idea that we won't have wifi in the house. Something about me not bringing my computer to bed or whatnot. {rolls eyes} With the Xoom's 3G service, I don't need in-home wireless! He'll be happy about that some day when he's sick in bed and wants to watch a movie. Or kitten videos.

But alas, such a day is far off. We've got walls and cabinets coming down and new ones going up. Soon. I'm going to call that village clerk now.
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