For Anna See

Not surprisingly, the early weeks of this month were filled with conversations about 9/11/01. I read one survivor recap in which the writer, now is his 30s, said that he is certain that he survived the worst of day of his life.

"No," my mind automatically shouted back, "the worst day of your life is when your child dies."

This is, fortunately, not something I've experienced, but I imagine that even the horror of 9/11 would pale in comparison.

Recently, I caught wind that at least one momblogger was not so lucky. Marinka wrote an eloquent post about this and I echo her thoughts, as well as those of Alexandra whose reactions to the news were the same as mine, Unimaginable Realities, so I will let her tell it.

My heart goes out to Anna and her family.

Please go share your condolences with Anna See, whose beautiful son was close in age to my boys.

And if you write about this on your blog, leave a note in the virtual condolence card that Kate has started at The Big Piece of Cake.
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