The Momblogger's Lament: Asking for Money and Hearing Crickets

The other day, I tweeted that I asked for compensation for a project and suddenly the quick responses I'd been getting from the potential client slowed to a halt. I received several "Been there!" tweets in response, so I know it's not an uncommon situation for bloggers.

In this particular case, I'm not convinced the client has completely blown me off, they might just be looking into budgets and such.

However, I feel the need to clarify what I couldn't in 140 characters: I didn't just jump in and ask for the big bucks.

What I did was send the potential client a list of questions regarding the assignment. I asked about expectations. I inquired about objectives and outcomes. I tried to clarify my role in the bigger picture. And then I asked about the related compensation.

I noticed that Jennifer James, a leader in the social media mom space, has started to refer to professional mombloggers (yes, there is such a thing!) as blogging businesswomen.

Blogging businesswomen. Love it.

That said, I'm not sure the term will catch on. Blogging businesswomen sound more intimidating than mommybloggers, don't you think?

It's okay to ask for money, if that's what makes for a balanced value exchange. But don't get all greedy and grabby. Take time to understand what's involved in an assignment, ask questions until you are clear on the outcomes and then talk money.

You'd never go into a job interview demanding a certain salary before you knew what the job entailed. If you want to be a blogging businesswoman, approach potential gigs as a professional. Take your self seriously. Be assertive, but tactful.

And if you still hear crickets when you ask for money, or the allotted budget doesn't fit with your hopes/needs/wildest dreams. Move ahead without burning bridges and set your sights on the next opportunity.
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