Parenting Gifted Children: Afterschooling and Head Rush

I'll credit Jen from Laughing at Chaos for introducing me to the term afterschooling. That is, supplementing your gifted child's mind-numbing day at school with enriching math, science or language arts activities after the school day is complete.

If you're an "afterschooler" the Science Channel has got your back this fall with Head Rush, their new programming block. Launching on August 23, this new programming block offers an hour of commercial-free exciting science-minded programming hosted by Kari Byron of MythBusters.

The programming block will feature content from Mythbusters, but the episodes will be selected with pre-teen sensibilities in mind, so you won't be fumbling for the remote as I was recently when the regular old Mythbusters episode featured a man getting shot in the family jewels (or maybe it was about a suspicious pregnancy myth, all I know is it was time to change the channel).

Kari's role as Head Rush host will include interviews and other special features and, I hope, many reminders about safety precautions.

For those of you who aren't into watching TV on weekdays during the school year, what with homework and extracurricular activities and all, Head Rush will also have a two hour block each Saturday morning for your tween's viewing pleasure.

Head Rush airs on the Science Channel weekdays from 4-5 ET, 3-4 CT, and 4-5 PT and from 7-9 on Saturday mornings.

And just to prove what a MythBuster's geek I am, here's an old screenshot I took about (circa 2009ish) when show host Adam Savage tweeted a shout-out to my boys, one of whom was getting over a stomach bug. I get coolness point with my kids however I can.

Also, I took my tween boys and two friends out for iCream the other day and Mythbusters was mentioned no less than three times, so I think the Science Channel folks are on to something. iCream is Chicago's hottest spot for cool treats. They blend your custom liquid ingredients into ice cream with the help specially outfitted mixers and a dash of liquid nitrogen.
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