The Joy of Live TV

The other day I confessed that while I was excited to be a doing a segment on Chicago TV, I was a little concerned that I made my segment overly complicated by involving too many things with two many moving parts. I was right. I choked! On live TV.

When it came to showing off the LEGO Mindstorms robot, I only needed to press a couple of buttons to make my son's simple program run. But after turning the robot on, I pressed a wrong button and wound up in a loop of unfamiliar options and couldn't click my way out of it.


I recovered okay, but ugh. It's not fun to flub on-air or watch myself do it. What gets me most in reviewing this is the dead air time. I should have at least been chatting it up. Nobody likes silence on TV.

I'm going to have to organize a Tosh2.0 style web redemption. Which is fine, I figured we'd make more robots, anyway. There are loads of options with the Mindstorms kit and my tween seems to inherently understand all of them.

You can watch for yourself here.

Disclosure: was provided with the Mindstorms set for the segment and further review at my discretion. All opinions are my own.

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