Threadless + MakeDo Team up for Creative Fun

Baby's first Threadless t-shirt.
When my teen hit middle school, he suddenly developed a sense of fashion. Well, it's more like he developed an aversion to t-shirts from Target and Kohls and turned to the niche mass retailers that pump out the icons of tween pop culture- Hollister, American Eagle, and other mall standards.


Now that he's hit high school, he raised his standards of cool (hooray!) and has become a devoted Threadless fan. Threadless is an online store, but it's also a community of artists and creative types, people who submit and vote on designs. And buy them.

My son is just a buyer. He told me I should be, too, but I said I'd look like an aging hipster in Threadless tees. Still, he advised me to go for it.

I have not gone for it, but my younger guy just got his first Threadless shirt, so there's that.

At any rate, I think it's cool that my teens sees value in walking away from the iconic teen brands in favor of supporting independent artists and forging his own fashion path, even if it does consist of t-shirts.

Right now, Threadless is running a fun contest along with MakeDo, a neat product I learned about when we participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge. Enter today to win great prizes, including weekly Threadless discount codes!

This post was not sponsored. However, it may seem rather random to my regular readers, so I will share that it's the result of a PR pitch from a helpful person. Karma is not always a b*tch.
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