Have You Heard of Unreal Candy?

Kim Moldofsky at Sweets and Snacks Expo
Yesterday, my son came home and asked if I had heard of Unreal Candy. Yes, I have. It's been quite a topic in the online momspace thanks to brand outreach and parties.

I haven't tried the brand yet, but I think it's awesome in for no other reason than it makes me feel like I'm awesome.

How so?

In 2010 I spoke as a "mom trend expert" on a panel about candy industry trends at the Sweets and Snacks Expo.

I talked about moms wanting artificial food dyes removed from candy.

But kids love the bright colors!

I talked about moms preferring real sugar to HFCS.

Unbunch your panties lady, we're making candy, not vitamins!

In 2011, I attended the Expo searching out candies that met this criteria. There were many. Sadly, I never managed to write up my intended round-up post for Gina Rau's wonderful Feed Our Families because a project came along. A really big project.

I suspected that year would be my last at the Sweets and Snacks show. I'm attempting to be more focused. More niche. Though to be clear, I'm the kind of gal thinks a life without sweets (specifically chocolate) is barely worth living.

I'm also the kind of gal who likes to be right, especially with a teen and near-teen in the house because they are constantly showing me how "wrong" I usually am. {insert eye roll here}

So, hooray for candy men and women trying to make life more natural and a little sweeter. May your category grow as large I suggested it would. I wish Unreal, as well as allergy-friendly Home Free Treats, Yummy Earth candies, Surf Sweets, and Sun Ridge Farms a bright, yet artificially-dye-free, future.


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