And on My Second Visit to Pumping Station 1

I was getting ready to sit down with my family for Shabbat dinner on a Friday night in June when a DM landed in my inbox inviting me to join a group later that night Pumping Station:1, a Chicago hackerspace. Much later. As in 10 PM later.

Heading to the city at 10 PM? Alone? Me?

I texted back: Uh, that's a little late for me. Maybe next time.

And then I laid out the details for my husband.

"Sounds like this is out of your comfort zone," he said. "You should go."

"You think? Really?" I asked.


So, after a rousing family trip to Target to pick up last minute supplies for camp, I headed to the city.


After 10 PM.

Read more about my night at my new blog, The Maker Mom

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