Touched by (the Blogging) Angels

There are so many takeaways from Blissdom that I've yet to write about, in part because my trip was followed by two doctor visits and two snow days and as you read this I am on yet another trip to support my brother's business. In short, I'm not sure when I will catch up, though there is a lot I want to write about.

One of several highlights from Blissdom included the chance to not only hang out and dish with Amy Oztan, Rebecca Levey and Nancy, but I had the honor of recording an episode of their Blogging Angels podcast. Click and listen!

Thanks to my client ConAgra Foods for sponsoring me at Blissdom and providing tons of popcorn and a microwave for my suite at the lovely Opryland Hotel. Y'all are gonna love this new popcorn; coming to a store near you soon.
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