Go Granny! Network Solutions Finally Gets It

It's Super Bowl time.

For me that means more than watching the year's best commercials, it also means hiding my head in shame as a GoDaddy customer. I mean, what self-respecting woman wants to be affiliated with them after their shameless Super Bowl ads each year?

Well, one who likes their low, low prices and finds their service to be satisfactory.

Like many bloggers, I have a compulsive domain acquisition habit. I currently own more than 20*, so yeah, the cheaper the better. And when I've had hosting issues, they've fixed or helped me or my techie fix them promptly.

But when I see those commercials each year. Ugh! It's clear that as a company they have little concern or respect for their female customers.

In 2009, @Glennia and I were among the women on Twitter expressing our outrage over the latest GoDaddy Super Bowl spots. In fact, Glennia was so fumed (and more responsible than me) that she blogged about how to transfer domain names away from GoDaddy.

For my own part, I recall looking into other hosting services, including, I believe, Network Solutions, but they just couldn't match the price.

Well, it took two years, but Network Solutions has launched a Go Granny campaign riffing on GoDaddy's obnoxious ads. It's a little too long, not for family viewing and based on my husband's reaction, it may have a similar effect on men as GoDaddy's ads do on women, but it's a great start.

I'm glad a company has finally tuned into the chatter.

After Cloris Leachman plays up her role as the hot granny who launches websites, BlogHer's Lisa Stone chimes in.

Love it.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

As I write this, the Go Granny video has more than 15,000 views on YouTube. Other Network Solutions videos have garnered an average of about 20**. So even though kick-off time is a few hours away, I'm declaring this viral campaign a PR win.

As far as a sales win, well, I think their call to action wasn't strong enough. At least not enough for me to go through the hassle transferring my 20+ domains. I mean, it seems like it would be a hassle.

Kudos to Network Solutions for this campaign. Maybe next year their peeps and my MomImpact peeps can craft an even bigger win. To quote Cloris, "Hey, it could happen!"

Hat tip to Rebecca Levey for pointing out the ad on Facebook.

*Including hormonecoloreddays.com, so why am I still on Blogspot? Fear of losing Alexa and Google PR.

**Making them less popular than my own videos.

Edited 2/9 to add: Wow, Just when I think GoDaddy can't sink any lower, another Super Bowl commercial debuts. I'm not going to pay hundreds of dollars just to move domain names that I'm mostly just sitting on (sorry Network Solutions), but I am going pledge not to buy any more domains from GoDaddy. And, w00t!, the GoGranny video has more than 45,000 views now.

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