Up and Coming at the Housewares Show

I've been getting all sorts of interesting press releases related to the Housewares Show because I'm listed as a member of the media.

Actually, I'll be attending as a "guest of the trade" not an official media rep, which is a whole other story. My point is, I'm getting a lot of press releases about Exciting! New! Products!

And I'm falling for them hook line and sinker.

As I long for the house I do not yet own, I'm drooling over colorful new kitchen knives, intrigued by shiny, mysterious pressure cookers and this all-in-one wine carrier/rank (pictured).

I'm imagining myself dancing about in my new kitchen sporting an adorable apron and removing a fresh batch of cookies while wearing the matching oven mitts. Once I find my style (which has been missing for the last 42 years), I'll set the table for family and friends with dishes for 12.

I could even be happy cleaning the bathroom with one of these new fangled Tip N Spray bottles, especially if we had one of these auto-sensing touchless toilet seats (alas, won't be on the site until March 6).

Oh, and I'll just take one of each of these sleek Swedish items.

And inexplicably, I must have one of these.

Yes, I'll just take it all. This is what happens when you don't go to the mall on a regular basis, erm, ever.

And have I mentioned we gave away or sold much of what we own? Make that owned.

I'm not kidding.

It was incredibly liberating at the time. Really!

It will be less exciting when we move into an empty house with nothing but our books, loads of tech gadgets, everyday silverware and our (mostly unused) fine dining items.

Plus about 25,000 Lego pieces and a soldering iron.

Speaking of less exciting, our fruitless house hunt is wearing me down. I haven't even vlogged in a few weeks because I've lost all sense of humor about our situation. But if you'd be so kind as to humor me, take a peek at the Property Sluts archives, and watch one. (Hint: Episode 10 is poignant--sort of, Episode 11 explains it all.)
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