IMSA Fusion Accepting Applications Through March 2011

The Illinois Math and Science Academy, a public high school for our state's best and brightest math and science students (yeah, the ones who are guaranteed nothing in the form of an appropriate education K-8. No, I'm not bitter? Do I sound bitter?) is accepting applications for IMSA Fusion, an after school enrichment program for 4-5th graders and 6-8th graders for the 2011-12 school year.

The program is designed to

* Maintain or increase students’ interest, involvement and literacy in science and mathematics;

* Enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers in science, mathematics, and technology;

* Stimulate excellence in schools’ science and mathematics programs;

* Help increase access to programming for students who are historically under-resourced in science, mathematics and technology and for all areas of the state.

Our program is committed to working with schools in IMSA's field office regions: Chicago, Metro-East and soon, Rock Island; as well as schools that may have limited STEM resources and, or opportunities for students and teachers.

Click for further details on IMSA's Fusion program.

Thanks to my friend RL Julia for the tip!

Apparently IMSA has a sister school in Israel?! If you've read the book Start-Up Nation, you're probably wondering why we don't just move there. I might be asking myself that same question if I wasn't busy filming episodes of my house hunting show.
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