Advice for the Blissdom Bound

Headed to Nashville for Blissdom at the end of this month? Me, too!

I'm delighted to be speaking again this year, sharing tips on buying a home.

Just kidding.

I'm talking about Making Your Own Opportunitie$. Okay, I added the dollar sign in myself. The session is Advanced monetization is not for whiny complainers: Making your own opportunities. I'll be alongside none other than Barbara Jones and Esther Crawford (yes, that Esther Crawford!) with Sommer Poquette moderating.

Whether this is your first blogger conference or your fifth, it's not uncommon to feel little butterflies of excitement and anxiety before gathering IRL with several hundred of your bloggy BFFs.

Here are a couple of posts to help your prepare, mentally, for a great conference. I leave the packing and wardrobe tips to someone else.

And one post for after Blissdom, just in case you're feeling as dejected and let down as I was after my first blog conference: You are not invisible.

What are your Blissdom hopes and fears?

Oh, and if you have a success story that might be good to share at my presentation, let me know about it here.

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