What's up with Gifted Education?

Raising gifted children is a topic I often touch upon on this blog. When I checked the gifted tag recently, I was surprised to see I haven't written about gifted kids or gifted education in weeks. I've certainly been thinking about it.

Honestly, though, I've been wondering if it's ever worth continuing to write about it. Why? Personal experience, plus this tweet and the related post, "Our Shameful National Commitment to Gifted and Talented Children," from Joel McIntosh of Prufrock Press.

What is the point? It's not even a Sisyphean battle because gifted advocates, as a whole, never seem to make much progress. So frustrating....

But then I got this comment (I swear I didn't write it myself). So maybe I'll keep writing, after all.
Thank you, Anonymous!

At the same time I've been thinking about leaving gifted children behind, I've also been considering the years of archived posts buried here on this blog. What a waste. People typically only find them through web searches.

I've come up with two solutions to breath a little life into my archives:
1) I've added a nifty widget called LinkWithin to my blog and now at the bottom of each post, you'll find a few relevant (I hope) old posts to take a peek at.

2) With the help of my friend, Mari, I've now got links and a brief summary for all of my old posts on gifted children. I'm not sure if I'm merely going to list them in a new post, or do what I do with my marketing posts, and list the archives on a site dedicated to marketing to mombloggers and my consulting business. After all, I did just buy up a bunch of domains.

It's nice to know that my words and my acquired wisdom (read: mistakes with my own kids) help, so, yes, I will forge ahead here. Because not only do I have all those old posts on highly gifted children and quirky gifted children and the challenges of raising them in my archives, I've also got quite a few in draft mode.
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