Give Thanks, Take Note (of the Holiday)

We're lucky that we have so many family members nearby with whom to share holidays. Usually we try to rotate a bit from year to year, but we're bad about remembering where we were each year.

Luckily, the Jewish New Year usually involves two nights of celebration, one with DH's family, one with mine.
Chanuka is eight nights long, enough time to fit in both families.
There are two Passover seders, so again it's an easy split. Our Jewish forebears had their act together, what can I say?

Thanksgiving usually rotates. Given that my blog is something of a family memory book what better place to record that we spent Thanksgiving, from crudites through dessert with my husband's family in 2009. In 2007, we were with my family, in 2008, AKA the year of the half-cooked turkey, we celebrated with DH's family (odd thing about the turkey as his sister is a fabulous cook).

On Thanksgiving, I often think of a song with this title from Poi Dog Pondering.
(from my fading memory, maybe not in the right order)
"Sometimes I find myself way out of lines from the ones I have drawn.
Wasn't the best of paths, you could attest to that, but I'm keepin' on...
I owe my soul to each fork in the road, each misleading sign.
Cuz even in solitude, no bitter attitude, can dissolve my sweetest find.

Would our paths cross , if every great loss had turned out a gain? Would our paths cross if the pain it had cost of, was pain in vain?

Thanks given, for every wrong move...that made it right. That made it right."

Speaking of which, please send love to my friend Kristina from Momformation (with great gratitude wisdom from her daughter) and my blogfriend Meowmie, who's husband passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly a couple of months ago.

Love to you and yours.
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