Because Some Gifts are too Good to Keep to Myself

It's been a crazy Chanukah here. Between the overlap with Thanksgiving and some, but not all of us having jetted off to Florida for a few days last week,  things feel off-kilter even though Chanukah is a minor holiday. But dangit, there will be latkes. They just may Christmas latkes. I was one of the jet-setters in the family and rumor has it I left a bag of potatoes rotting on the counter during my leave.

Last night as we lit candles,still not as a complete family as one teen was too tired and crabby hungry to join us, the other teen presented DH and I with a gift. Each time the boys mention something they want to buy us, we tell them to save their money and simply be kind, helpful and respectful to us. Oh, that is so much easy said then done. 

The boy who was present handed us a present-- a homemade card. On the bottom of the card, there were two coupons: one says it's good for one free sidewalk shoveling, something that is normally a paid chore. The other coupon is good for one clearing of our driveway.

As we're thanking him he tells us to read the back of his coupons.

The free sidewalk is good with the purchase of a paid driveway shoveling and the free driveway shoveling is free with the purchase of  paid sidewalk shoveling.

We should have just had him buy us something.
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