Confession of a Surface Area Abuser

Don't be fooled by his innocent look.
Funny how our issues catch up with us. Although I don't share the most personal ones on this blog, on January 15, 2006(!), I did come clean as a surface area abuser. Which is to say that I found a name, or diagnosis if you will, for my bad habit of cluttering up every horizontal surface within reach in my office in my house that I have access to. Here I am almost 9 years later to say, well, I still have the same problem. 

Only now I have the clutter problem and a curious pup who is now tall enough to reach the top of every table and filing cabinet (I have short ones) in my office. And they're all piled with papers along with other odds and ends.

When Tesla is ready for a walk or wants attention, he'll grab something from my office and run off to his playpen to gnaw at it. At least he's pretty obvious in his approach. It's become something of a game for him. He loves to take papers and though he doesn't eat them, he very much enjoys shredding them to messy bits that stick on the rug in his pen. 

Did I mention I'm also the type of person who write down notes on scraps of paper and leaves them about?

Things really hit critical mass the other day. This weekend I've got to find a place for everything and put everything in it's place. That also means taking a stack of books and a few (unreviewed) review items I've sitting around and getting them off my to-do list, so I can store or give those items away.

Wish me luck. And if you see a slew of reviews on The Maker Mom, you'll know why.
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