BlogHer 2013 Hits and Misses

BlogHer 2013
BlogHer13. All that and more.
Somebody has to be the last person to post a BlogHer recap. Right? I'll save someone else from the bloggy version of the walk of shame.

But I will offer a few excuses. First I was catching up from the conference, then my mom had a medical mishap and then as memory of this post, put in draft on 7/27, began to fade my dad had knee replacement followed by a few eventful weeks in a rehab facility where he died and was brought back to life (but the staff later decided maybe he just fainted and they kinda rubbed his chest instead of doing full-on CPR to revive him) and then I was madly preparing for one of the best vacations of my life, then I took that vacation, caught up from that and now I don't have any more excuses.

So here are my hits and misses of BlogHer13 as first recorded on July 27, 2013 in a rather loose manner.

I was invited to an official pre-conference event from Wilton. It was a fun day and I will write about that soon.

Misses. The big miss was my friends! A lot of them skipped this year. However, it was wonderful seeing the friends that were at the conference.

I attended a lovely brand lunch with US Cellular featuring a panel with Melisa Wells, Donna Mills and Jenna Hatfield where we talking about cell phones and technology bringing families together.

I was part of a private dinner with Boks, a before-school program designed to gets kids physically active and get their bodies and brains ready for a day of learning.

It was disappointing walking the expo floor with most brand reps looking at me blankly when I said that I mainly blog about STEM or science and technology for families. 0_0

However, a man at the canned food booth mentioned that one of his agency's other clients might be a fit for me. So then I was all, hey everyone go to the Cans Get You Cooking booth to get your face on a can. It was a cute promo. My promo can is still sitting on my window sill. (Note to self: it probably needs to be dusted at this point.)

The two brands I was most looking forward to meeting, Intel and Petsmart, both listed on the BlogHer sponsor page (also both brands I tweeted to prior to the event who never responded to me), hosted private events and had no presence at the expo.

Note to BlogHer: it's great that companies are officially partnering with you for these special events, but please let attendees know not to expect them at the expo. "Meh, it's not like they were giving out computers," said one friend of Intel. I don't need any more computers, I just wanted to talk about #STEMchat or maybe connect with some people to interview for my video series when Geeks Grow Up.

As for Petsmart, well, I've spent a fortune for puppy toys that sometimes last for as few as 15 minutes (true story), so yeah, I was just grasping fro bones there.


Big time miss: Who thought it would be a good idea to include approximately 5 pounds of liquid products in the swag bag? No really, who? Most Many Everyone I know, dumped the 32 oz. red Gatorade-like liquid before they even hit the expo floor. Who wants to carry around all that weight?

Admittedly, my memory is a bit fuzzy on some of this, but the full-value coupon from Kozy Shack was pure awesome, even the cashier commented on it when I redeemed it. We still use the mug from that brand, too and miraculously we can still locate the accompanying little spoon and it's in one piece.

My memory needs to be jogged on the other stuff. (I'm trying to forget the Jockey Bra fitting thing. I know they must've focus-grouped the hell out of that thing before bringing it to market but no. Just no. My friend Jen sums it up.). July feels like it was so long ago.

I also enjoyed a post-BlogHer event with Virtual Piggy.

And that's why you don't wait three months to recap a conference.
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