Say GoodBye to GoDaddy and Their Superbowl Ads

GoDaddy recently called me regarding domain renewals. You see, one of my reserved urls was about to expire and a few others were approaching expiration. Like many bloggers, I typically keep a stable of 1-2 dozen urls on hold for current and future projects. I let the domain in question lapse. I almost renewed one for 3 years, but then asked the caller if I'd lose the money if I transferred the domain to another host. Of course I would, so I stuck with a one-year renewal and made a mental note to move it over to BlueHost, where I feed my domain habit and host my blogs, The Maker Mom and Reluctant Renovator.

Customer service dude asked why I'd transfer away from GoDaddy and I told him it's because each year when GoDaddy releases their new Super Bowl ads with much fanfare, I'm reminded that their company doesn't take women seriously. Year after year their commercials make it clear that I'm not their target demographic and I wonder why I give them my business. After all, they clearly don't want it.

Two or three years ago, I started buying and hosting new domains elsewhere. (BlueHost, if you must know.) All my newer domains are with them, I just haven't bothered moving my older ones, though I've let many lapse.

The GoDaddy guy was speechless. He tried to apologize, but hemmed and hawed and let out a nervous laugh or two. Dude had a conscience and could not deny the sexist, obnoxious commercials. But of course he's powerless to do anything other than forward my note up the chain of command, which he said he would do.

He truly sounded embarrassed on behalf of his employer, but honestly, I've had the same conversation pretty much everytime I've talked with someone from GoDaddy. On the flipside, everyt time I'm in touch with BlueHost, I tell them I'm willing to pay the higher fees because I refuse to engage GoDaddy for new business. Sure GoDaddy is cheap, but they also make me feel cheap and not in that frugal way.

When I posted a brief summary of my GoDaddy convo on Facebook, it turned out to be one of the most commented upon updates I've ever put out there, so I thought it was worth posting on my blog, too.

If you consider yourself a businesswoman, I urge you to leave GoDaddy.
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