Worst Pitch Ever?

I've been blogging since 2005. Now, the marketers didn't fully embrace mom bloggers until about 2008, but I've received thousands of pitches since then, including this doozy. Sometimes a bad pitch is just off for my audience (no, I don't write about baby products--have you seen my blog?), sometimes there's just no value exchange between this blog and the brand (no, I won't blog about your product in exchange for your beautiful hi-res images) and sometimes the pitch just stinks. In this case, the odor nearly wafts off my screen. Seriously, it's only January and I'm pretty sure I've received the worst pitch of 2013.

I quote: ... a company known for its composting initiatives is releasing its limited edition, eco-friendly 2013 calendar that goes to extreme measures to raise awareness about the environment. The (name redacted) Foundation calendar features scantily-clad women decked in poop, and posing over toilets – all in an effort to capture the attention of those who don’t consider green living to be a priority. 


I thought it was going to be the scantily-clad women was going to be the deal breaker, but then I kept reading.

If this isn't the worst pitch of 2013, I'm a little worried about the year ahead.
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