It's in the Bag: Chanukah Hack #3

re-useable hanukkah gift bagIt's in the bag. Or maybe I should say it's a wrap. Regardless this Hanukkah Hack is about going green with a reusable gift bag or sack. not only will you save Mother Earth's resources with a bag you can use year after year, but you'll save mother's sanity because she (you?) (I?) won't have to obsess over gift wrap.

This bag was (wait for the irony) a gift from my mother-in-law last year and this year we used it to temporarily house her present.

Thankful for my blog-as-memory book, I know that in 2008, my boys decorated pillow cases and a laundry bag to use for Chanukah gifts. This store bought sack, which my son is modeling in the photo survived our move the best. I'll have to dig around for the others.

What are your eco gift-wrapping tips and tricks?

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