Ditch the Sour Cream for Yogurt: Chanuka Hack #2

Given that we're celebrating a holiday during which it's a mitzvah (good deed) to eat fried foods, we can agree it's a delicious time to be a Jew. Still, surrounded by Christmas cookie and other holiday treats at every turn, it's good to save calories where we can. One way to do this is by substituting lowfat plain yogurt for sour cream this Hanukkah. Sure, the move will piss off your parents, but you'll all benefit in the end.

We stopped buying sour cream years ago. We simply use lowfat plain yogurt in its place. Because yogurt can be a bit runny, we sometimes drain it first to thicken it up. One way to drain it is to line a colander with paper towels or cheese cloth, fill to the desired level with yogurt and place it over the sink for a quick drain or place the colander over a bowl or plate and place it in the fridge for a few hours until the remaining yogurt has reach a consistency that pleases your palate.

If you do this, you'll not only save calories, but you'll be adding what is likely the healthiest item on your dinner table. Bonus: people who suffer from lactose intolerance can usually digest yogurt without consequence. That said, there's no saying what havoc all that greasy food will do to anyone's digestive tract.

DH and I have been swapping out yogurt for sour cream for so long that sour cream, even in "lite" form, tastes heavy. And really, "lite" dairy products are usually poor substitutes for the full-fat variety anyway.

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