#Winning with California Raisins

Disclosure: these medals are from my teen, not my team.
The California Raisins folks hosted a lovely suite at Blissdom. Set up like a large, cozy kitchen with a dining area and life-size raisin guy, they offered fresh baked raisin treats and a make-your-own trail mix buffet, which provided me with a delicious on the go breakfast at the airport Sunday morning.

They gave away branded baking gear, spatulas and whisks left out on the table for the taking.

I thought the whisks would be a fun gift for the students on the Food Science team I coach, but I am not a swagwhore. I wasn't about to grab a handful and run.

So I talked to one of the ladies in the room and told her about my team, how we bake and do so much more to understand the science behind our food. We discussed the national Science Olympiad program and the other events involved. And she happily gave me four whisks.

(In the interest of knowing what's in our food and reading nutrition labels, also part of Food Science competition, here's an interesting raisins vs. craisins comparison.)

I was going to give the whisks to my kids right after Blissdom, but then decided that they'd have to earn them. I knew they could.

At yesterday's regional competition, my junior varsity group placed first and my varsity team earned second place.

I'm proud of their hard work (and somewhere between relieved and self-congratulatory that I supported them in their efforts as it's never clear exactly what they will be tested on).

They'll be going to state, where the competition will really heat up. Today, we'll celebrate their success and make plans to whip up yet another victory next month.

I heard through the grapevine that the raisin suite was worth visiting.  
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