The Obligatory Pre-BlogHer Post

BlogHer, Blissdom, Blogalcious- all blog conferences can stir up anxiety, but with 3,000 attendees BlogHer 2011 is going to be the MacDaddy (MacMama?) of them all.

Here are two fresh fun posts to help get you ready:

A reference guide to common blogger types from Mom101.

How not to be that jerk everyone talks about next week from Mommy Needs a Cocktail--she is also my ticket sponsor; thanks Kristen! She shares 10 great tips, but in case you don't read down to the comments, I'm going to share number 11 via Backpacking Dad:
It’s always a great thing if someone knows who you are, but it’s not an insult if they don’t. The Internet is a big place, and even if you’ve left 90 comments on someone’s blog some people can’t even remember faces, let alone a comment-pseudonym that has some combination of “mom” “kids” “crazy” and “booze” in it. Taking it personally just means you invented a relationship in your head that isn’t there, not that the blogger is a bitch.
PunditMom's comment about tipping the lovely ladies who clean your room is also one to take to heart. (Does swag tipping count? You know, thanks for cleaning my room. Please enjoy a year's supply on hand lotion!)

And finally, here's a bit of my own timeless blog conference wisdom:

Why I'm not going to talk to you at BlogHer

You are not invisible

How to have the best BlogHer ever

Ten Commandments for BlogHer success (good, but not nearly as funny as Kristen's post above)
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