I'm Not Going to BlogHer10

There, I said it. I'm not going to BlogHer10. I've attended the conference since 2007 and leave each year with a different feeling.

In 2007 I was a nobody. And though I had some good times at the 750-person event, I left feeling invisible.

But I went back in 2008 and had more fun.

And, honestly, BlogHer2009 was a lot of fun. By that time I had many friends in the blogosphere and it was great connecting IRL. There were even people that recognized me (or my blogs) and had nice feedback that I was touched to hear. But with close to 1200 attendees and a dozen or more unofficial brand events it was starting to feel like too much.

It really hit me when a few days after the conference I saw some online friends tweeting about it- people I wanted to meet IRL, people I didn't even realize attended BlogHer09.

So this year I'm sitting out. For me, it's too much, too many people. I mean have you seen this list? Oh, and I hear there's a conference going on, too.

I've enjoyed the smaller conferences I've attended in the last year. I'm talking Blogalicious, Blissdom and Mom 2.0 (next year in NOLA- want to meet up?). Those are just more my speed.

And the swag? Fuggetaboutit. We're getting rid of almost everything and moving into a minimalist phase. I don't need more stuff and right now; there's very little I even want.

I appreciate everyone who's mentioned they hope to see me or will miss me in NYC. And I'm tickled by the couple of BlogHer brand events I've been invited to, but I'm staying home this year.

If you're attending BlogHer10, I hope you have an amazing time; I'm sure you will. Especially if you take a moment to follow my advice on how to have the best BlogHer ever and heed the 10 Commandments of BlogHer Success.

Have fun, learn new things, make new friends- that's what it's all about. Maybe I'll see you at TypeAMom?
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