Really?! The Salesperson Edition

I'm clicking away at my computer actually putting in billable hours(!), when I get a call from my payroll service.

Do I want to meet with "Joe" to discuss tax saving they might be able to offer me?

Meet? In person? As in put on clothes and make-up so you can sell me something? Not really.

So I ask Joe what specifically he thinks he can offer me (the royal me, as in a very small corporation).

Joe tells met the doesn't know offhand, but he will research my company profile and history and come up with a few ideas prior to our meeting. And if it turns out that his employer, my current payroll provider, has no recommendations, then he will cancel our meeting.

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm lucky to have a payroll and Joe with his backwards business model (inconvenience the customer before you put in too much work yourself) is even luckier to have a job in this economy.

Note to self: take payroll in-house before the end of the year.
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