Marketing to Mommy Bloggers in the New York Times

The mommybloggers are once again fodder for America's newspaper of record, but don't look in the business section to read the latest take on online moms because apparently we belong in the style section. *Sigh*

I'm spending the day at the International Housewares Association show, so I'm directing you toward the commentary of my blog sistahs. See what these fine entrepreneurial mamas have to say about the New York Times piece.

Liz Gumbinner
Kelby Carr
Jessica Gottlieb
Angela England
Edited to add: I love Ciaran Blumenfeld's spin on the piece. She gives voice to some of the thoughts that have been swirling in my head since I read the article and Liz's post.

Edited 3/15 to add:
And about that much ballyhooed graphic that accompanied the piece? 5-10 years ago those moms in the image would have been talking on their cell phones. 20-30 years ago those moms would have been puttering around their homes and yards on cordless phones. 40-60 year ago those moms would have been tied to their kitchens or living rooms because their were no cordless telephones. (Gah! Can you imagine?)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers her mom on the phone for what seemed like hours each day talking to friends, planning PTA or school board events and generally ignoring my pleas to get off the phone and watch me cartwheel across the family room for the 38th time today.

Are today's social media moms that different? Except that our conversations are global. Oh yeah, and some of us are making money from our efforts.

Thanks to my ConAgra peep Gena Mazzeo for pointing the article out early Saturday morning.

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