Feeling Buggy

A huge black bug scampered across the laundry room floor after I grabbed something from my son's clothes pile on the floor to toss in the washing machine. The critter quickly took cover under a plastic garbage bag that's supposed to be hanging from the laundry room door, but was also on the floor.

My heart pounding (did I mention it was huge?), I stomped all over the bag hoping that I was squishing whatever was beneath the bag. I pounded the floor with my foot several times (and possibly let out a scream and a curse or two) then quieted down to listen for the crunching sounding that would indicate the end of the dark creature's life.

When I felt confident enough to move the bag, I lifted it up to find...a shiny black bouncy ball of the type that comes out of a gumball machine. After breathing a sigh of relief and swearing under my breath (this time at my sloppy kids), I hung the trash bag in its rightful spot on the door and promptly deposited the ball inside.

Guess who will be cleaning their rooms and doing laundry tonight?

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