Introducing my newest blog: The Maker Mom

It's hard to call a new blog an accident. After all, I secured a url, hired a designer and such, but, honestly, I thought I was more likely to quit blogging than launch a new site. Yet, here I am, pleased as punch to share news about The Maker Mom. The Maker Mom is all about Arduino and maker fun for moms, dads, kids and families plus STEM education, gifted education, science and technology and STEM for girls.

Yeah, total geek stuff.

I've been quietly adding content in recent weeks and I love, love, love the video that's posted there today. I've revived my series, "When geeks grow up," and hope to be adding to it in the coming months.

Tomorrow? I'm going to be on WGN Morning News (8:40 ish; set your DVR) talking about summer science fun and showing off cool stuff with help from a few brands you're sure to see again at The Maker Mom.

What is "making" or the "maker movement," anyway? We're all part of it as Dale Dougherty, founder of Make Magazine, shares in this TED talk. He talks about Arduino, too. And his point about not knowing what they are doing and why, well, that might be me.

But I read this great quote in the current issue of Make where Phillip Torrone writes about Zen and the Art of Making. He opines that, "the reward for beginners is not the stuff they make, it's the person they become because of the stuff they make and share."

Every great journey begins with a single blog post.

And look, I actually got to hang out with Dale a couple of weeks ago.

Dale Dougherty and Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

In other news, I'm passing on BlogHer12 in favor of attending a local Mini Maker Faire. Really.
Now what are you still doing here, go read The Maker Mom.
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