Motorola Xoom and Verizon Wireless Campaign Wrap-up

In just another week, the Verizon Wireless #MidwestMoms will come to an end. I've really enjoyed using the Motorola Xoom I received as part of the program. Unlike 99.6% of mombloggers, I'm not in the habit of having internet on the go, and have actually avoided being connected everywhere, all the time.

But it's pretty handy.

As the program finishes, I'm debating whether to continue the Verizon data plan on my own. I need to look beyond whether it's simply fun being able to Tweet/Facebook/check emails on the go to considering the business case for such access, especially now that the new house finally has internet service and I'm not sure how much traveling I'll be doing in the year ahead.

Regardless of how I move ahead, it's been an interesting journey. I noticed that pretty much wherever I went with the Xoom (including my son's doctor's office this morning), someone comments on my "iPad."

"It's not an iPad. It's a Motorola Xoom." I replied this morning and so many times before.

And then I go on to show a few great features of the Xoom that are not available on the iPad (at least not version 1).

I show off the front and rear facing cameras that capture still shots and video. I demonstrate how I can rotate the screen in any direction and be able to read and type. I may even take them on a trip to the Android App Market.

And then, because I'm a disclosure nerd, I talk about the Midwest Moms program with Verizon Wireless, which often leads to a whole different conversation about bloggers and blogging. Though sometimes it just leads to looks of befuddlement.

The Xoom has definitely been a conversation starter--so I guess you can say it's connected me in more ways than one!

Thanks to Verizon for inviting me to be a part of this fun program.
 I'll be giving away my very gently used Motorola Bionic smart phone before the year's end, so be sure to look for that *soon* now through Dec. 28, 2011on Reluctant Renovator.

Disclosure: I was not paid to be a part of the program, but I did receive the Xoom and Bionic as well as an unlimited Verizon data plan for the duration of it. I will be keeping the Xoom and, as noted, will be giving away the Bionic to a lucky reader.
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