New Wilton Products Unleash Creativity in the Kitchen (and Beyond)

The day before BlogHer13, I was invited out to Wilton headquarters for a behind-the-scenes tour. We not only got to visit the Wilton test kitchen, we got to play in it! They also gave us goodies to take home and promised to send us one of their new snack cake pans. You can see mine on the right! I received a Wilton Treatwich Mini Cake Pan. It's officially called the 12-cavity pan, but as someone who spends a lot of time and  money at the dentist, I just can't do that name.

Remember the Suzy-Qs and other snack cakes we gulped down as children of the 1970s? Wilton's new new snack pans help recreate these treats only without the preservatives that let the packaged version survive for 10 years in your basement.

Homemade Ho-Hos, anyone? 

With my 12-spot pan, I made six sweet treatwiches (using a Wilton recipe, but successfully subbing in a gluten-free flour blend and rice milk for cow milk).

I even managed to keep a few around long enough to take a picture, but only because the boys were away at school.

At the test kitchen, we had a chance to build with Wilton's Shape-N-Amaze Edible Decorating Dough. Following a simple set of instructions and using a few cool tools...

We made these adorable owls! 

Each owl looked a bit different than the others, but I promise you, there was not a bad looking one in the bunch! I recently used some of the samples I got to take with my Science Olympiad team. Edutainment and hands-on learning at its best.

One of the best parts of the Wilton tour was getting to seeing some of the amazing creations the staff made. There was some truly jaw-dropping stuff. I'd like to hone the decorating skills I developed as a teen, but I need to pair up with someone who will A) bake the cakes and B) eat the cakes. When you work at home, you don't have in-house co-workers to feed, which is maybe why I used the Treatwich pan to make dog treats before putting it away for the day.

At any rate, I was grateful to brush up and try new decorating techniques at Wilton; it was a lot of fun. I got skillz, people.

Despite my hopes, I haven't decorated anything since that workshop, but I did use some of the flavored candy melts the other day and my Wilton food-safe markers came in hand as I worked on a Hanukkah post (coming soon!).

Click over to see more behind-the-scenes photos and check out the tasty snacks my friend Michelle made with her Wilton Mini Orb Pan (also part of the new line).

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