Puppy Playdate at Petco

Puppy Dog in Thinking Chair
Tesla's Clues
First off, this is not a sponsored post, but I'd gladly accept money from Petco given that they seem to be popping up on my credit card statements with alarming regularity since I became (yeah, I'm saying it) mama to a "furry baby." I have more than $200 worth of Petco doggy crates in my house as I type. (Don't ask.)

By the way, we are changing his name to Tesla K. The K represents the first thousand dollars of doggy expenses. What a milestone!

Tesla had an anaphylactic reaction to his first round of vaccines in late July, as in he almost died, but that's a post for another day. Let's just say about half, 4/8 of our expenses have gone to the vet, who I hear is now planning a lovely winter vacation with his family, 3/8 has gone to Petco and the remaining 1/8 has been spread around to other pet sources like Costco and the doggy food dude at the farmer's market.

Our local Petco has a free, drop-in puppy socialization group on Wednesdays. Let me tell you, it's no accident this takes place on hump day, because that's a recurring theme of this little gathering. They simply block off an aisle to let the puppies run and play...and hump each other while the owners watch on the sidelines...and pulling their dogs apart now and again.

Last week there was a dog named River (name changed to protect the innocent) at puppy playdate. He was some kind of spaniel with saucer-like eyes and long, floppy ears. He looked like a girl. It's hard to say that about a dog, but he really did. Apparently the male dogs got that message because the they dogs gave poor River the old Humpty Dumpty whenever he tried to make his way into the small crowd. Even the tiny, adorable boxer with the shiny coat got in on the action and he's only 12 weeks old.

Poor River.

At any rate, it's crazy puppy mayhem.

Tesla is in obedience class now, so he gets to socialize there, and he's met a few other dogs on personal playdates. Everyone tells us it's SO important to socialize our dog with other dogs, so I'm glad we have the puppy playdate option and I think we'll be regulars especially once the weather turns. As it is, we pop in now and again and are getting to know some of the regulars and by regulars of course, I mean the cashiers because we're spending a lot of money attending this free group. It's marketing genius.

But it's also like a ringside seat to the Puppy Bowl.
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