What I've been up to

Moving in! Slowly. We've been bringing boxes and more boxes over from my parents' place to our new home. And then we've been unpacking and trying to find the perfect space for all that stuff.

Also, I've been busy with my Science Olympiad team. I'm coaching food science, which is baking, only baking where you write it up as an experiment, measure each ingredient to the nearest gram or milliliter, as well as each and every cookie in the batch. And then we assess the cookies on a sensory scale, weigh them to determine the percentage of moisture lost during baking and we might even test the density.

But wait, there's more!

We calculate the calories per serving and test other foods for the presence of protein, starches and reducing sugars. And then there's this whole viscosity thing.

Sound fun? It is. And my varsity team earned a medal at their first competition! I was so proud of them (and more than a little relieved that I hadn't been leading them astray because it turns out that cookies are very 2007 and for this year's competition cupcakes are the thing to bake).

I bake muffins and cookies, but what do I know from cupcakes? Ask me in a few months and I'll give you a mouthful. Literally. Each batch makes about 25 and we'll be experimenting with several different recipe combos.
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